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We produce UK full drivers licenses for use as fake ID and fake proof-of-age cards. Our cards very accurate and close to the real thing which makes them great for getting into bars, gigs and even clubs! Our order process is simple, hassle free and fully automated to bring you the best in the industry. However, we constantly strive to ensure the best customer service is delivered too in the event that anything should not go to plan. To order all you need is you delivery information, card information and some bitcoins to pay with. Don't know what bitcoins are? Check out our helpful guide with information about using bitcoins as well as a guide to getting your hands on some here.



Our IDs feature highly accurate and legitimate holograms to make you ID look genuine to even the most trained eye.


Our template has been expertly made to perfection and bares incredible resemblance to the original drivers license.

UV Ink

Our cards come with UV ink patterns printed just like the originals so that they pass bouncer's black-light checks.


1-3 Cards


4-7 Cards


8+ Cards

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